Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Now that the party's over...

This morning I woke up and wondered what to do with myself. You see, I've spent the last four months helping organise "It's darling!" Bath's Vintage and Handmade fair. I've been getting up early, jumping online to post messages on the blog or Facebook page, going into town to litter the place with leaflets and posters, meet up with Becky to chat through details, send of press releases to the press and worry worry worry. Now that's over, it's time to get back to what I'm really about - vintage china! So I wandered into Bath today and what did I find in the very first place I looked? Six darling trios with little rosebuds on them. I just had to buy them. So I did.


  1. So pretty, what a good find! I still can't believe it's over - four months, no wonder we're a little lost without it! ;-)

  2. I know! It's like a wedding...been and gone. Look forward to seeing you on Friday to decide if we put ourselves through it all over again! x