Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Secret Tea Party...November 6th

So, in one of my naively optimistic/brave/deluded moments I've decided to arrange an event that I'm calling "The Secret Tea Party." I've been inspired by London's "Underground Tea Party" blog by Miss Fairplay and Miss Lenoir, two fabulously creative women who hold stylish tea parties in a top-secret location - the details of which are only announced when you have booked.

I've arranged the date - Saturday November 6th - and booked the venue - a glamorous and intimate location in central Bath - and also asked Gemma Lye who runs the Bath agency, the House of Go Disco, to come along and tell us all how to do the perfect vintage hair style. She's super-glamorous and will bring along a hair stylist who will be able to give us a makeover there and then if we wish (although we'll need to pay a little extra on the day if we want to do that).

There'll also be bubbly, cake, tea and scones, a complimentary cup and saucer from me, plus I'll bring all my china along for some exclusive Mrs Stokes Vintage China shopping. Tickets are on sale now, either via the website from £15.00 or the Facebook page.

But will it work? I hope so, I really want to create a fun and sophisticated gathering, with sumptous treats to eat and drink, gorgeous china to enjoy (and buy if you wish), insider tips on perfect vintage glamour, great music and the chance for a little pampering and indulgence. I'm also quite new to Bath, so it will be a bonus to meet some lovely people too. What do you think?