Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Secret Tea Party - November 6th, location to be revealed!

I've changed the date of the Secret Tea Party, from this weekend to November 6th, mainly because I was waiting for the fabulous artwork to be finished. And here it is....let me know what you think.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Secret Tea Party...November 6th

So, in one of my naively optimistic/brave/deluded moments I've decided to arrange an event that I'm calling "The Secret Tea Party." I've been inspired by London's "Underground Tea Party" blog by Miss Fairplay and Miss Lenoir, two fabulously creative women who hold stylish tea parties in a top-secret location - the details of which are only announced when you have booked.

I've arranged the date - Saturday November 6th - and booked the venue - a glamorous and intimate location in central Bath - and also asked Gemma Lye who runs the Bath agency, the House of Go Disco, to come along and tell us all how to do the perfect vintage hair style. She's super-glamorous and will bring along a hair stylist who will be able to give us a makeover there and then if we wish (although we'll need to pay a little extra on the day if we want to do that).

There'll also be bubbly, cake, tea and scones, a complimentary cup and saucer from me, plus I'll bring all my china along for some exclusive Mrs Stokes Vintage China shopping. Tickets are on sale now, either via the website from £15.00 or the Facebook page.

But will it work? I hope so, I really want to create a fun and sophisticated gathering, with sumptous treats to eat and drink, gorgeous china to enjoy (and buy if you wish), insider tips on perfect vintage glamour, great music and the chance for a little pampering and indulgence. I'm also quite new to Bath, so it will be a bonus to meet some lovely people too. What do you think?

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Now that the party's over...

This morning I woke up and wondered what to do with myself. You see, I've spent the last four months helping organise "It's darling!" Bath's Vintage and Handmade fair. I've been getting up early, jumping online to post messages on the blog or Facebook page, going into town to litter the place with leaflets and posters, meet up with Becky to chat through details, send of press releases to the press and worry worry worry. Now that's over, it's time to get back to what I'm really about - vintage china! So I wandered into Bath today and what did I find in the very first place I looked? Six darling trios with little rosebuds on them. I just had to buy them. So I did.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Suzanne Lenihan

My mum is just fabulous. Her name is Suzanne Lenihan and she is amazingly talented at all things crafty, especially sewing - cushions, bunting, lavender bags, you name it, she makes it beautifully. I have sadly not inherited her talent - I don't have the patience - but she does and it shows. She is having a stall at It's darling! - Bath's first vintage and handmade fair that I am helping organise at The Guildhall in Bath on Saturday 17th July. Here are some pictures of some of the things you can buy from her, taken at her gorgeous Hampshire home - and I hope I have done them justice. If you want to know more, or buy something, do leave a comment here or email me or come to It's darling!

Beautiful Bunting

Beautiful Mum

Suzanne's handmade cushions

Lavender bag, lavender-filled cushion and painted trug

Teacosy, cushion and lavender bag

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Roses are pink

I'm rushing around, counting down to It's darling! fair today which is next Saturday. I was traipsing round the city yesterday, giving yet more flyers out and just generally telling everyone I met all about it. I better get on with organising my stall now. Luckily I've come across four of these lovely trios with pretty pink roses by Woods. I'll be bringing them along to the Guildhall - see you there?

Friday, 2 July 2010

Green Park Friday!

So it was up bright and early for me and off to Green Park Station Market in Bath for the first of their Green Park Fridays. They're trying to create a buzz about the place, the first Friday of every month, and get a whole load of stallholders together who sell vintage and handmade. If anyone wants to join in, then get in touch with me and I can give you the details.

Teacups on the stall today

I've sold there on Fridays before and gave up on it because it was so quiet. However, with a few more sellers today, there was more of an atmosphere, especially in the morning, including a group of Japanese tourists, scurrying after a man with a flag. They swarmed round the stall at one point and I thought that the Mulberry handbag I covet so much could soon be mine. In fact I only sold a locket (a nice one though), so only enough for a Primarni bag this month.

And as is the way with my business, I ended up buying china today, not just selling it. Last week, Soleil who was looking after the stall for me, bought this lovely blue and white Victorian trio.

Today I ended up buying this lovely little milk jug and sugar bowl.

I'm also selling a gorgeous coffee/teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl for Becky Amesbury at the moment too - it's Meakin. So if you like any of the above or below,  email me.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

It's darling! Bath's Vintage and Handmade Fair

Did you know that I am helping to arrange It's darling!? It's a vintage and handmade fair at the Guildhall in Bath on July 17th. I'm putting it on with Becky from Purple Sparkle Crafts because we both realised that there was no-where central in the city to sell vintage and handmade items unless you have a shop - and the rents for those are very high. I sell my china on Saturdays at Green Park Station Market in Bath but it is a little off the main streets and if you were a visitor to Bath, you wouldn't realise it was there. So we have hired a room in the town hall, have already been in the local paper talking about it, have printed flyers, posted messages on websites, talked to journalists and generally told anyone within earshot who seems vaguely conscious! So if you are around that day, please come along - it's free, I will be there and so will Becky along with lots of other lovely ladies with goodies to tempt you with.

Here's the proof of our leaflet - see if you can spot them round the city!

Check us out on Facebook too, and on our blog. Join both for all the news and updates! And please come and see us on the day.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Observer Food Monthly uses Mrs Stokes' China!

A few weeks ago (16th May to be precise), the actress Dervla Kirwan appeared in the Observer Food Monthly with some of my china! Deputy Fashion Editor, Helen Seamons had been in touch with me to borrow some bits and pieces so she could create a "Mad Hatter's Teaparty." It's a fabulous shot, so sexy and beautiful and I was so honoured to be able to lend my things to the shoot. The credit is in tiny writing up the side of the picture but it is there, promise! Helen is a fantastic stylist, really one of the best. She said that Dervla loved the china too, so everyone was happy. If you need a freelance stylist you can contact Helen on

Market Stall - This Season's Look

My good friend Becky from Purple Sparkle Crafts took this picture of my stall at Green Park Station Market in Bath recently. You can see I've got slightly different boxes at the moment - they are a bit more colourful than the original ones. I love having a stall because it feels like, for a day at least, I have my own shop. But I don't want to commit to a shop right now because I don't want to get tied into high fixed rents. So I'll continue the market trader's life for a while - and try and sell my wares online of course!

Monday, 31 May 2010

Special cups from a sprightly lady

So today I went to see Susan, a very agile 72 year old lady who really puts me to shame. She's never driven (I don't drive either) so has spent her whole life getting to places by foot or by bus (and so do I, but it hasn't given me the Su-Factor). And she is strong. She brought two bagfuls of china to me which filled up both my bike panniers and made me cycle from side to side like I was drunk. But she carried them from her home, on the bus and to the place where she works without complaining and then sat cross-legged on the floor and told me she felt a bit tired from the 4 mile hike she did yesterday. Ok, she might have been bragging a bit, but if I was her, I would too! Anyway, here is what she sold me.

This is a Foley trio that used to belong to her Grandmother who died in 1950 at the age of 82. Apparently her grandmother got these in 1908 when she married a man who already had children. Not sure why that is important but Susan told me it as if it were significant. It's a beautiful set, I have ten. They're a bit pricey because although Susan wanted to sell them, she was attached to them sentimentally and wants them to go to a good home. Click on the link below to find out more.