Sunday, 27 June 2010

It's darling! Bath's Vintage and Handmade Fair

Did you know that I am helping to arrange It's darling!? It's a vintage and handmade fair at the Guildhall in Bath on July 17th. I'm putting it on with Becky from Purple Sparkle Crafts because we both realised that there was no-where central in the city to sell vintage and handmade items unless you have a shop - and the rents for those are very high. I sell my china on Saturdays at Green Park Station Market in Bath but it is a little off the main streets and if you were a visitor to Bath, you wouldn't realise it was there. So we have hired a room in the town hall, have already been in the local paper talking about it, have printed flyers, posted messages on websites, talked to journalists and generally told anyone within earshot who seems vaguely conscious! So if you are around that day, please come along - it's free, I will be there and so will Becky along with lots of other lovely ladies with goodies to tempt you with.

Here's the proof of our leaflet - see if you can spot them round the city!

Check us out on Facebook too, and on our blog. Join both for all the news and updates! And please come and see us on the day.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Observer Food Monthly uses Mrs Stokes' China!

A few weeks ago (16th May to be precise), the actress Dervla Kirwan appeared in the Observer Food Monthly with some of my china! Deputy Fashion Editor, Helen Seamons had been in touch with me to borrow some bits and pieces so she could create a "Mad Hatter's Teaparty." It's a fabulous shot, so sexy and beautiful and I was so honoured to be able to lend my things to the shoot. The credit is in tiny writing up the side of the picture but it is there, promise! Helen is a fantastic stylist, really one of the best. She said that Dervla loved the china too, so everyone was happy. If you need a freelance stylist you can contact Helen on

Market Stall - This Season's Look

My good friend Becky from Purple Sparkle Crafts took this picture of my stall at Green Park Station Market in Bath recently. You can see I've got slightly different boxes at the moment - they are a bit more colourful than the original ones. I love having a stall because it feels like, for a day at least, I have my own shop. But I don't want to commit to a shop right now because I don't want to get tied into high fixed rents. So I'll continue the market trader's life for a while - and try and sell my wares online of course!