Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Where does the time go? It's nearly Halloween and time for all those little kiddies to come round dressed in their mothers' black tights and little leotards wearing skull masks while they ask for sweets (or when I lived in London, £5 notes). I do not have children so I can only imagine the stress that fancy dress must cause parents at this time of year - first ghouls, then the dreaded Nativity only weeks later. It must be a relief if your child gets to play one of the Shepherds at the school play because at least you can use the old sheet they wore as Caspar the friendly ghost for trick or treating and turn it into something holy with a teatowel round their head.

Anyway this weekend is going to be full of all kinds of freakishness but all kinds of events too, like Love Food's special Halloween fair at Paintworks in Bristol. Lorna who organises it does a majestic job of creating family friendly events with a very cool edge, so this weekend she's booked spooky arts and crafts face painting, pumpkin carving and a fancy dress competition as well as all the usual delicious food. I was at the Bath Love Food at the beginning of the month at Green Park - here are some pictures from it. It's nice to see Green Park being used properly and full of life on a day other than the Farmer's Market.

Love Food Festival in Bath, October 9th
The lovely Ally came along too, check out her blog, Of Cake and Science
Dick Willow's Cider Bar. I did not get to sample it but it looks GOOD

I didn't spend the whole day working my stall at Love Food that day though. Mr Stokes came down and gave me some time off to go and have a look at the Blind Lemon Vintage Fair at the Guildhall organised by the dapper Edwin Dyson (below). He's a Nottingham lad and I like that because that is where I went to University.

Edwin Dyson organises Blind Lemon Fairs
Gotta get one of these signs for  It's darling! Vintage & Designer-Makers' Fair

The amazing chandeliers in the upstairs room at The Guildhall
And here come the traders:

 Cock-A-Doodle Vintage:

A dressing up dream

Cock-A-Doodle Vintage will be at the Bath VA this weekend (30th October) as will I. And don't forget to put the 19th and 20th November in your diary for the Christmas It's darling! Vintage & Designer-Makers' Fair at the Guildhall (but not in the room with those gorgeous chandeliers)

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